End of Summer in Iron Cove

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End of Summer in Iron Cove

Back to the local again today to try and eek out the last remnants of summer fishing.  Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed the bream and whiting were still on the flats along the northern side of the bay.  I love watching the packs of baby bream hunting down the last of the summer prawns and whitebait and picking them off the surface.  It just amazes me what aggressive hunters they are from a very small size.

Fishing the northern side of the bay I find the larger bream like to hang around the oyster banks seemingly unworried by the shallow water.  It only took a few casts into the oysters to fire up a school of micro-bream who were quite keen on be caught.  Several smallish bream were landed over a distance of a few hundred meters.

Moving onto the sand flats there were quite a few small whiting about with some absolute babies amongst them.  I’m always surprised by the aggressiveness of whiting as they are quite willing to hit a lure only slightly larger than themselves.

Moving around to the Iron Cove Bridge I tried for a mulloway off the pylons using a large prawn soft plastic.  It was getting difficult to hold position with the electric as the wind was picking up.  The decision was made to head back before the chop picked up too much.  As usual I’m looking forward to the next opportunity to get out on the water!

Gear used:

Rod: Pflueger Supreme 1.95m 1-3kg

Reel: Daiwa Emeraldas 2506

Line: 6lb fluorocarbon leader

Lure: Kozami 50 floating stickbait

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