Busted Off by a Harbour Kingfish


Busted Off by a Harbour Kingfish

With a bit of time up my sleeve yesterday morning I decided to head out on the harbour for a few hours.

First stop was around the Snails Bay area where I spotted some salmon boiling on the surface. Spent a while chasing them around with a couple of promising follows but no cigar.

Plan B (well actually plan A before I saw the salmon) was to throw some lures around the channel markers for kingfish. I tried a few spots west of the Bridge including some of the buoys and fixed post markers. At one of the post markers a decent king grabbed my SugaPen. He played with me for a while… I was actually getting a bit excited that I was in with a chance here. Then he decided play time was over and effortlessly towelled me up on the post. Goodbye SugaPen…

I tried a few more markers before going back to the salmon that were still at it. This time I tried a tiny clear stickbait which resulted in a few more follows and boils but no hook-ups. I was kicking myself that I considered bringing the fly rod but decided at the last minute to leave it behind. That brought us to lunchtime and I was hungry so packed up and went home.

Overall it was very pleasant out on Sydney Harbour yesterday, only 4 trailers at the ramp, just a wee bit of rain and not too much wind or chop.

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