Iron Cove Whiting Success


Iron Cove Whiting Success

Last week I picked up a few new stickbaits that I wanted to try on the local whiting population.  The weather hasn’t been kind lately and put a stop to a few planned trips so I was pretty keen to get out.

For a few hours yesterday afternoon everything in the universe lined up and I managed to sneak in a couple of hours fishing.   I headed down to Iron Cove for the incoming tide over the flats.  I managed about a dozen whiting – nothing of any fantastic size with the biggest around 30cm.  Even though they’re small it’s awesome fun seeing schools of whiting chasing down the lure and smashing it.

The two most successful lures for the day were the R2S Rover50 and a little Strada stickbait (which fills the hole in my tackle box since a kingfish stole my favourite Sugarpen).

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