Fishing Report – Tonnes of Tailor


Fishing Report – Tonnes of Tailor

With a brief reprieve in the weather forecasts (ie annoying winds) I decided to pop out in the boat for a few hours to see if any of our summer fish have woken up. By the time I had the boat in the water at Concord it was a bit of a late start at 11am. There was already a bit of chop appearing in some of the open stretches of water heading out into the harbour.

First stop were some markers on the western side of the Harbour Bridge. I’ve had some epic bust-offs here in the past from kings and it was a bit out of the wind so worth a shot. A few casts of the Sugapen and something big decided it wanted a snack – the huge splash sent my stickbait flying into the air. Missed him, but it would have been a miracle to get him away from the marker anyway. The Sugapen lives on!

A few more casts and another huge miss, then it all shut down.

I moved over to Garden Island where a flock seagulls were chasing a school of fish. First cast into the splashes resulted in a quality tailor. He was safely released and I continued to chase the school around for quite some time getting a fish pretty much every cast. Several ferries and cruisers went through the chaos without putting them off the bite. I even left the outboard running while the school moved in all around the boat.


I eventually got sick of catching suicidal tailor so tried out some other markers for kings. This submarine snuck up behind me at one stage which was interesting.


I couldn’t get any further interest from the kings so decided to pack it in for the slow, choppy and wet ride home. All up I must have caught close to 30 tailor – all released to fight another day. Certainly a good day out on the water!

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