Fishing Report – Windy Botany Bay


Fishing Report – Windy Botany Bay

Yesterday certainly was a continuation of the crazy weather we have been having lately. With a forecast top temperature of 38 degrees we were bracing for a very hot day fishing out on Botany Bay.

We arrived at the Foreshore Drive ramp at about 8am to be greeted by only 5 other trailers in the whole parking lot. It seemed pretty light for a 4-day week in the summer holiday period at Botany. After launching the boat (and taking our pick of all the parking spaces) we headed over the other side of the bay to drift for some whiting and bream.

Starting in an area that had produced many times previously in about 7-8m of water the fishing was off to a pretty quiet beginning. We were quickly distracted by a school of tailor busting up on the surface. We ended up chasing them over a couple of kilometres across the bay each time getting within casting range only for them to disappear and surface again 100+ meters away. After a dozen unsuccessful moves I ended up calling it and we went back to our drifting position.

We drifted without a fish for quite some distance. It wasn’t until we got into the 5.6 metre depth range that things started to fire-up. Fish started showing up on the sounder and we quickly had a small whiting and a couple of very nice flathead released (unintentionally). Time to try this drift again.

About this stage the wind started to pick up considerably. With the wind sock out we slowed our drift down enough to be able to get our plastics to the bottom (just). A few more drifts and a few more smallish fish later the building wind chop was starting to get fairly uncomfortable.

We had a slow (and wet) trip back across to shelter from the wind behind the Port Botany breakwall. Again, it wasn’t until we got into the 5.6m depth range that the fish started hitting our plastics. We picked up a number of alright pinky snapper which put up a really good fight on the light gear we were using. We also got a couple of flathead that were pretty respectable.  This poor little trevally was clearly doing it wrong.

Moving again we positioned our drift near a rocky headland where we picked up a couple of very nice flathead that put up a decent fight on the light gear. Unfortunately, our second drift was cut short as the wind changed direction and it started getting a bit dicey. Time to call it quits for the day.

It was a very slow and wet trip back to the boat ramp slamming into the wind chop at just 7 knots. I was predicting a difficult time getting the boat back onto the trailer but the Foreshore Drive boat ramp is one of the best designs I have seen. The long pontoons provide good shelter to be able to line the boat up with the trailer without too much wind and wave influence. With the boat on the trailer it was time to head home and wash everything up before the afternoon thunderstorm hit.

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