Side Scan Analysis – Gladesville Bridge Area Pt 2, Sydney Harbour


Side Scan Analysis – Gladesville Bridge Area Pt 2, Sydney Harbour

This is part 2 of our look at the Gladesville Bridge area.

This area is quite large so I have broken this blog into two parts. This time we will be looking at the Eastern side of the bridge.

I managed to miss a few slices on this side of the bridge too (whoops).  It is a pretty busy piece of water and sometimes I needed to get out of the way.

So, let’s look at some pictures off the sounder. ***CLICK IMAGES TO ENLARGE***


Location 1 – A Deep Reef


Sidescan_East_1Wow!!! Check out that reef in the middle of the channel. Compare the size of those rocks to the houses nearby.

The sounder images from this location say it all. A nice reef in 15-20m of water with some very big fish arches hanging off it.  I didn’t quite go over the top of the reef in the down image so these guys are just a bit off to the side.

This location gets blasted by the tidal flow and has a huge amount of boat traffic passing overhead but seems to be a fish magnet.

Location 2 –Patchy GroundSidescan_East_2

Not sure what is going on at this location.

The ground is very patchy but it is too deep to be weed.

It may be mud/sand as the return on the sounder becomes quite weak.

If you have any ideas post them in the comments section below!

Location 3 – Amongst the MooringsSidescan_East_3

This location is tight up against an area of moored boats.

The sidescan image shows many mooring blocks in this area along with plenty of debris scattered over the bottom.

There are a couple of fish on this shot and I would say they are tailor. This area would be worth a fish as the mooring blocks effectively create an artificial reef.

Equipment Used:

Sounder: Humminbird Helix 5 SI GPS
Range: 30m
Sensitivity: 12
Contrast: 10
Speed: 3
Boat Speed: 3.5kts

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