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Completed trolling motor respray

Revive a Rusty Trolling Motor

After over 3 years of service my trolling motor was starting to show some wear.  Some corrosion became visible at the base of the main shaft and on the top of the steering box.  After getting some advice on the Fishraider forums I planned on...

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A Quick Fish in Iron Cove

Had a fantastic few hours fishing in Iron Cove yesterday.  Launched the boat at 2pm so I could fish the last of the incoming tide.  The plan was to fish surface lures in some of my favourite spots in Iron Cove. I must have been out...

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Kadavu Island

Kadavu Island – The land of the monster GT Kadavu Island is about 90km south of Suva, the capital of Fiji.  Along with a few other smaller islands it forms part of the Great Astrolabe Reef.  With only 10,000 residents it’s covered in rainforest and palm...

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Ayr Barra

Chasing Meter Plus Barra

My mate Scott and I just returned from a guided fishing trip to Ayr which is about 90km south of Townsville.  Both of us have fished this area before and we wanted to return before the close of the barra season in a couple of...

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Recreational Fishing Licences

I’ve just returned from a fishing trip to St Georges Basin which is one of the New South Wales “recreational fishing havens”.  I have been visiting the area for over 30 years and have recently noticed a huge improvement in the fishing and amenities.  Many...

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The charm of fishing is that it is the pursuit of what is elusive but attainable, a perpetual series of occasions for hope.

John Buchan