Our Company


Our Company

Born in 2010, Ocean Addiction is an Australian based company that develops premium equipment for sports fishing enthusiasts. Our company thrives on innovation and we will continue to bring exciting new products to market on a regular basis. When you buy from us you can expect a personable but professional level of service. You can always expect to receive a great quality product that will endure many years of use.

 About Me

My fishing story started over 30 years ago on the banks of an estuary on the south coast of New South Wales. My grandfather carefully baited my hook with some bread that he rolled into a small bead and we cast it out over the seagrass. It wasn’t too long before I became a fisherman, an addiction that would stay with me the rest of my life.
Fishing has been good to me, it has taken me to distant countries, I’ve seen some amazing things, made some great friends and caught some awesome fish. I hope through Ocean Addiction I can help you get outside and create your own memories.



Discarded plastics are a looming environmental disaster for our fish, seabird and ocean critter populations.  Most plastics won’t even begin to degrade until they have been in the environment for over 450 years.  We all know that far too much plastic ends up in our oceans, rivers and lakes.  Our plain packaging is easily recyclable and we’re committed to reducing the amount of single use plastic our business generates.  Please help us protect the future of our waterways by recycling as much of our packaging as possible.

Our Promise

We are committed to supporting our recreational sports fishing community. What this means to us is delivering a great experience to our customers through our product range, sharing our fishing knowledge, supporting our community groups and partner organisations. What this means to you is that you will receive the best products, services and information provided by people who are passionate about fishing themselves.